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You can only change what you are aware of!

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living





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Spring is coming and the buds are bursting forth. What a year it has been so far for my writers’ group. Our newest anthology, Canada, our Home, has gone to print and so many new opportunities are coming our way. Every week we meet new people to help us along our path. I wanted to go to other library branches and meet the people there and now one of them asked us to work with the youth – exactly what I wanted to promote and wasn’t sure how to do that. We just got another email about writers’ submissions to be featured in the Brampton library system and now I asked if we could go and be part of their events along with Caledon. So this will take us into the whole Peel region. We are being invited to different events to be part of them with our “Why we love Canada” writings. New people are signing up all the time and sharing their stories with us. We are becoming associated with so many people and our media promoter, Kyle, and I were interviewed on a local radio program called Peel Talk Radio. Our group was featured in the local Mississauga Modern magazine and more to come on that. What a great feeling this has been for me to be promoting such a growing and thriving group. Our future is just starting.


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