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You can only change what you are aware of!

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living





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Our writers’ group has started the “Why we Love Canada" event. Our first was at the Mississauga Sampradaya Dance Event where we received 40 out of 50 people who posted responses. Our second one was at Joan d'Arc CSS from students – again what wisdom from the youth of our country. Our success comes from how we are received by people of all diversity. Talk about how they enjoyed telling us how and why they love Canada. They happily gave us their reasons. At Carassauga, we could post them on the padded walls so it was easily read by the people who attended. In all, we got 588 postings on why people love Canada. The children's reasons were so precious – talk about how we don't realize at their young age how much they perceive what is going on. All our members who attended enjoyed themselves so much because we were hearing everyone talk and write beautiful responses. In a world where some of us are just living an everyday life, to take a moment and just express how grateful we feel gave the people a wonderful way of walking away with a smile on their faces. We have several more events this year and we are looking forward to them.


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