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You can only change what you are aware of!

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living





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Autumn – the start of the spiritual year. The year has ended for nature and a new year starts. Seeds are planted in the ground and we sow our seeds for next year at this time. What do you want to fulfill in your life in the next year? Where and what were you doing at this time last year? How did your life change in this last year? We never realize fully how we change until we think back and realize all the changes which have occurred. I always say – once we get better we forget where we came from and how bad it was. So the three things I tell people to concentrate on for the next year are – health, prosperity and joy. Health is a given – without health no matter how rich you are, nothing can be fully appreciated. Prosperity means to me that you have money to cover off whatever you need – maybe not being extravagant but to keep yourself safe and living well. Joy is something we feel within. Happiness comes and goes and is momentary but joy lives within. Find your joy in what you do and live. Now is the time to call to yourself what you need. As they say the universe is there to supply you, so ask wisely and don’t use negative words or displays of not getting what you want. Now is the time to open up and wish. Wish upon a star and let your imagination expand. Ask yourself if you won the lottery what would you do and now look to that to map your way to it. Make a wish and sow your seeds – it is the beginning of autumn.


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