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You can only change what you are aware of!

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living





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What and how can you explain a feeling that you have wanted to feel for years and now it is there? Well, amazing might not suffice. For so many years I have written and learned and written and now it is being recognized. I am now being featured in the local newspaper and I am so proud. I have always made sure that I always follow through with what I say and now I am being commended for it. I am being acknowledged for what I am doing. Sound strange but I have always done the job but now people are appreciating it more. I have found my tribe!!!! It acknowledges me and makes me want to work harder. Now in Canadaís 150 year, I have arrived! Keep working at what you are doing and donít look for excuses. Do your best and maybe not right now will you be acknowledged but you will be. Keep at it and know who you are. Bless all of you.


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