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You can only change what you are aware of!

A Meditative Way of Thinking and Living





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Hello everyone. Hope the year is going well with all of you. Have you ever had a dream of what you want to do? Did or do you think it is or was possible? Well, now things that I had wished for many years ago are starting to develop and I have help with it. I am meeting people who want the same thing as I do and they are there to walk with me. As much as people always think I am so capable and donít have any nervousness or anxiety about things, they are wrong. I am just as anxious as the next person but my sense of always going forward has kept me going forward to wherever or whatever it is. In 1997, I did quit my job to do other things and they never developed but what did is that I took a long hard look at my marriage and I knew it was over. So back to work I went and now many years later divorced, retired and on my own, I am now coming into what I wanted all those many years ago. Now I am an author, co-founder of the Mississauga Writers Group but also a workshop trainer. I have been at this for a long time since 1996 when I started this part of my journey and I stayed the course because I felt good doing it. Now I am seeing what I wanted for myself. So what do you want? Follow it and trust that what is the best for you will come true in its time.


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