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Well, the summer is heating up this year. This year has been a very hot dry summer which creates bigger and fiercer fires. A fire in spirituality means a burning off of what was so we can rise from the ashes. So many things are starting to happen. September seems to be the start of so many events for me. My writers’ group has two events coming up and we will be busy. I put an ad in the Vitality magazine for reflexology which covers southern Ontario. I am looking to create a clientele in reflexology. A friend and I are starting a program of stress relief workshops on many various topics. This is just what I know that is going to start in September. I have been retired from my office job since the end of October so this means that either I find a part time job or I do what I love to make money. It is my chance to enjoy going into my work and fulfilling what I enjoy. I might be tired at the end of the day but it will be because of accomplishment not stress. How many of us would love to say that? I just wrote an e-zine article about Possibilities and it was about seeing possibilities in everything we do whether we perceive it as failure or success which are perceptions. At the end I wrote that to have had success or failure we needed to have done something. Some people never go beyond what they do every day so at least we have gone beyond what we know and seen possibilities in who and what we are. Find the possibilities. Look beyond what you know. Try whatever will give you something new and interesting.


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