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Spring is here and the newness is sprouting already. It is amazing when I look back it didnít seem much but now I see how much I have accomplished. I started going to Mississauga city committee meetings to cultivate arts and culture last April and now I am being recognized by so many people I have met throughout the year including the Mayor. Once you commit to something and become a member, then things change for you Ė you become a part of a larger group. In this, I have been quite outspoken about arts and culture and have made a mark for our writers group. I find that I want to reach out to the children and to start them on knowing arts and culture and a city commitment. Also our new Heritage anthology called Canada, our Home, is going beautifully. The submissions have been beautiful and it really makes me know that people feel as strong as I do about my country, Canada. I actually went to two schools to get more input and I am so amazed at the responses from the students. Philip Pocock CSS had their ESL students give their responses and I was close to tears so often reading them. You donít know the danger children deal with in other countries until you read what they have gone through and how happy they are coming to this country. Our cover is the art work from two PPCSS teachers and their class and it is beautiful. It has multiple colours and it definitely represents Canadaís diversity and the heart in the middle. Next I went to my youngest grandsonís elementary school, St. Elizabeth Seton and again the principal loved the idea and within a week I had so many children give me their beautiful reasons they love Canada and it was mostly because they feel safe and so do their families. The wisdom of children always amazes me. So in another two weeks, we will be sending it off to the printers and it will be available for sale. When something becomes a labour of love like this has been, you find what your life is all about.


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